From coast to coast, by road, rail or sea, Truck Depot Brokerage LLC connects businesses that need to ship their products with carriers who transport goods quickly, securely, and cost-effectively. We’re your logistics solution.

Industry Experience

12 Years working in the logistics industry

Worldwide Reach

Hundreds of clients worldwide and across the nation.

100 Plus Fleet

We own and operate a fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

From Truck to Train to Ocean & Air

We handle daily frieght from rail to ocean to LTL to even Air


Take advantage of our size, scale, capacity, and proprietary tracking technology—plus the know-how of our full-truckload teams.


Increase efficiency with customized, integrated LTL services. See how you can benefit from our sourcing, communication, and reporting.


Tap our vast transportation network, longstanding contracts with rail carriers and drayage partners—supported by technology, capacity, and service.


One of the very rare brokerages in the nation to offer services of cross docking. We connect with warehousing and even own many of our cross docking warehouses.